Auscultation remains one of the basic skills of physical examination, providing important evidence of cardiovascular health or disease. Why then is it so poorly performed by practitioners, residents and trainees? Unfortunately, the teaching of this skill is often ineffective.

First published in 2011, Teaching Heart Auscultation to Health Professionals is “a call to action with respect to teaching” (Dr. John Moore, Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego). The eight contributing authors outline new, evidence based methods for teaching which can improve proficiency with the stethoscope by making teaching more effective and focussed.

This 2015 Online edition of the book includes updated chapters on auditory training and the value of repetition as well as new features:

  • Downloadable pdfs at no cost
  • Links to other learning resources
  • Online archive of 10 live recordings
  • Links to most references in the text
  • Link to order printed version

The Online version has been supported by a special grant from the Department of Paediatrics, Dalhousie University.

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Contributing Editor:
John P. Finley, MD, CM
Professor, Pediatrics, Dalhousie University,
Pediatric Cardiologist, IWK Health Centre,
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada


Teaching Heart Auscultation to Health Professionals is available in print.

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