Teaching Heart Sounds to Health ProfessionalsTeaching Heart Sounds to Health Professionals

Group Teaching Heart Auscultation Quiz (Pediatric)

This quiz is designed to provide unknown cases for group discussion with a clinical teacher. Diagnoses can be provided on request. Teachers should please provide the following: institution, type of students (i.e., 2nd year Medicine, etc.) and number in a group. Send to teachingheartauscultation@gmail.com.

For best audio quality with group teaching I recommend that participants should access the cases individually on their own mobile device or laptop. Earbuds are quite satisfactory for this purpose, much better than room speakers.

Case 1

4 year old girl, no symptoms. Normal growth and development. A quiet child, not as active as some other children. Examination: normal pulses, heart action is perhaps a little increased and maximal close to the left sternal edge. You listen at the left upper sternal edge.

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