Auscultation Teaching Devices and Materials

John P. Finley MD CM

Dalhousie University
Halifax, Nova Scotia

This is a collection of aids for auscultation teaching as of December 2010. I have not critically reviewed all those listed and their inclusion does not necessarily represent endorsement. Unfortunately it is not possible to confirm that all are available. Sources can be found with a search engine. I can not guarantee the accuracy of the web addresses.


Beyond heart sounds. The interactive cardiac exam. Criley JM. Armus Corp. 1999. Burlingame CA. 10 cases with investigations and videos. Question format. Heart Sounds Builder allows creation of sounds and murmurs.

Clinical auscultation of the cardiovascular system. Harvey WP, Canfield DC Laennec Publishing Fairfield NJ 1997. 10 audio tapes including quiz of 61 cases. A classic if you can find it.

Clinical Cardiology. Houghton AR, Sensky PR. OCB Media 2004. Adult murmurs, general cardiac assessment, review of adult clinical cardiology with diagnostic procedures.

Clinical evaluation of the cardiovascular system in the pediatric patient. Texas Heart Institute

EarsOn. Roy DL, Hoyt B. Cor Sonics Inc. or . 2000. CD-ROM with text covering all aspects of auscultation, heart sounds and murmurs, a library of over 200 live recorded heart sounds and a quiz with 90 case examples teaching a methodical approach to heart sound analysis. No longer available from 2015.

HeartSongs2 Barrett M. – recordings on CD of a variety of synthetic heart sounds and commentary emphasizing repetition. Quizzes included. Downloadable.

imurmurs – downloadable recordings of murmurs.

Paediatric cardiac auscultation. Altman CA, Nihill MR, Bricker JT. Lippincott,Williams and Wilkins 2000. Live recordings and videos.

Paediatric cardiovascular examination. Mckean M, O’Callaghan C, Runciman M. OCB Media 2006. Pediatric murmurs and general cardiac assessment and review of clinical cardiology, including diagnostic procedures.

Physiological Origins of Heart Sounds and Murmurs. Revised. Criley & Criley. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins. Date not specified. Recordings, videos, animations with hemodynamics, investigations, etc.

The virtual cardiac patient. A multimedia guide to heartsounds and murmurs. Keroes J, Lieberman D. Lippincott Williams and Wilkins 2005. 28 simulated heart sound recordings. Quiz format.

Books with recording

Heart sounds made easy. 2nd Ed. Brown EM, Leung TS, Collis WB, Salmon AP. Churchill Livingstone Elsevier 2008.

Pediatric Heart Sounds. McConnell ME. Springer 2008.

Understanding Pediatric heart sounds and murmurs. Lehrer S. Elsevier 2002.



Blaufuss Heart sounds and arrhythmias

Johns Hopkins – Thompson WR, Tuchinda C.

Heartsongs – American College of Cardiology

Heart sounds and murmurs. MacWalter RS et al Dundee U.


Texas Heart Institute


U Washington Dept of Medicine


Stethophones – Cardiosonics, American Telehealth

Junction boxes – Rockstar (Belkin)

Wireless transmission system for heart sounds –, Cardiosonics