Teaching Heart Sounds to Health ProfessionalsTeaching Heart Sounds to Health Professionals

Adult Cases : Heart Auscultation Quiz

This series of cases provides the listener with diagnostic exercises to integrate history and physical with a detailed analysis of the heart sounds and arrive at a diagnosis. Many are congenital heart disease but are common diagnoses and also suitable for learning adult presentation of these conditions. The recordings are of good quality from live subjects. A methodical approach to listening is essential: focus on S1, then S2, then systole and finally diastole.

NOTE: You will need good quality earbuds or possibly head phones but the closer the sound to your eardrums the better. Do not use computer speakers. Do not increase the loudness too much or you will get distortion.

Your feedback is helpful, at teachingheartauscultation@gmail.com.

Adult Case 1

22 year old male. Pre military assessment. Previously played hockey at school, now less active but no symptoms during occasional hikes or mowing lawns. Never any cardiovascular symptoms. Family history unremarkable. On examination mildly overweight, BMI 28, heart rate 70 and regular, BP 122/80. Heart action and pulses are normal. You listen to the chest in the usual locations. This recording is at the left upper sternal edge.

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