Teaching Heart Sounds to Health ProfessionalsTeaching Heart Sounds to Health Professionals

Adult Cases : Heart Auscultation Quiz

Adult Case 6

30 year old female. Referred for assessment of heart murmur, recently discovered. She is generally well but not particularly active. No symptoms climbing stairs or walking up hills. No regular exercise. She occasionally feels brief episodes of palpitations for a few seconds which are noticeable but only on two occasions did she feel a bit dizzy. She can identify no triggers for these. She only drinks one cup of coffee daily and does not use energy drinks. Alcohol consumption is limited to a glass of wine maybe once a week. She uses no regular medication. She has a female partner with whom she has a very good relationship for over six years. She works as a secretary in a corporate office which is occasionally stressful. Family cardiovascular history is negative.

On examination she appears healthy and quite slim with a BMI of 20. There are no dysmorphic features. Her heart action is easily felt, but the apex is not displaced. Peripheral pulses are normal. BP 110/80. You listen carefully throughout the precordium and especially at the apex

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