Teaching Heart Sounds to Health ProfessionalsTeaching Heart Sounds to Health Professionals

Group Teaching Heart Auscultation Quiz

This quiz is designed to provide unknown cases for group discussion with a clinical teacher. Diagnoses can be provided on request. Teachers should please provide the following: institution, type of students (i.e., 2nd year Medicine, etc.) and number in a group. Send to teachingheartauscultation@gmail.com.

Adult Case 1

22 year old male. Pre military assessment. Previously played hockey at school, now less active but no symptoms during occasional hikes or mowing lawns. Never any cardiovascular symptoms. Family history unremarkable. On examination mildly overweight, BMI 28, heart rate 70 and regular, BP 122/80. Heart action and pulses are normal. You listen to the chest in the usual locations. This recording is at the left upper sternal edge.

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