Teaching Heart Sounds to Health ProfessionalsTeaching Heart Sounds to Health Professionals

Group Teaching Heart Auscultation Quiz

For best audio quality with group teaching I recommend that participants should access the cases individually on their own mobile device or laptop. Earbuds are quite satisfactory for this purpose, much better than room speakers.

Adult Case 3

50 year old woman, episode of possible rheumatic fever with rash and arthralgia when she was a teenager. Used to be a jogger; now an active walker but is mildly short of breath going up hills. This appears to be a bit more noticeable in the last year. No other cardiac symptoms. On examination she appears well and weighs about 50 Kg for a BMI of 24. You find her heart action normal and apex beat not displaced. BP 125/80.Pulses are normal. You listen to her heart at the apex.

Please Note > Case 3 includes 4 extra recordings that have the same diagnoses

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